Thursday, 13 September 2012

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Top 10 Reasons For Failing The Practical Driving Test

1. Observations At Junctions - Ineffective observations and judgement

2. Reverse Parking - Ineffective observations or lack of accuracy

3. Use Of Mirrors - Not checking or not acting on the information seen in the mirrors

4. Moving Off - Ineffective observation or control when moving off

5. Use Of Signals - Not signalling, not cancelling or misleading signals

6. Incorrect Positioning - At junctions, roundabouts, lanes and bends

7. Reversing Around The Corner - Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy

8. Lack Of Steering Control - Steering too early or too late

9. Turn In The Road - Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy

10. Inappropriate Speed - Travelling too fast, too slow or being hesitant

Are you ready???

If you have a practical test coming up why not give MSM a call 01189612055 to arrange a 'Mock Driving Test' with one of our experienced, fully qualified driving instructors. They will assess your driving in a way that will give you a chance to experience driving under test conditions before the BIG DAY. After the 'Mock Test', you will be given a detailed debrief outlining your strengths and weaknesses of your driving increasing your chances of passing your driving test.

For more information contact one of our team on 01189612055 or drop us an email at 

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